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Marker Duke PT

The Marker Duke PT Hybrid Freeride Binding. Uncompromising downhill performance and smooth ascents, describes the Duke PT from Marker the best. It combines the downhill performance of an alpine binding with the ascent characteristics of a pin binding. No other binding is able to combine touring and freeride so elegantly.

Release Funktion

The TÜV-tested Marker Duke PT with the new development of the Ride & Hike Toe enables an uncompromising downhill performance with full safety release, with release values up to DIN 16.

The swivelling sliding plate (AFD= Anti Friction Device) ensures lateral release in the event of a fall, independent of snow and ice formation. The magnesium parts (magnesium sole holder) at the toe piece in combination with the magnesium heel housing result in a stable construction for the hardest load of freeride athletes.

To reduce early releases, the spring in the toe piece is mounted transversely, the sole holder inclined at 5° offers increased energy absorption.

The large contact surface optimizes power transmission and allows for the greatest loads.

Forejaws with this technology thus achieve an unprecedented performance in relation to their weight.

The Walk Mode

For ascent with the Duke PT, the upper part of the toe jaw is unlocked and folded forward, exposing the pin binding.

For an easy entry, the Anti-Ice-Rail is built in to scrape ice and snow from the shoe.

The toe piece is removable, which makes the binding 600 g lighter.

The Hybrid-Freeride-Binding has a 10° climbing aid in addition to the neutral walking position.

Downhill Performance

To get the Duke PT ready for the descent after the ascent, the toe piece is folded back onto the base plate, which locks automatically at 4 points (Auto Quad Lock).

Due to the Sole ID Technology, the Duke PT from Marker is compatible with every type of sole, no matter if it is an alpine, tour or GripWalk sole.

The low height of only 24 mm ensures a direct power transmission and fast edge change, the DIN value at the heel is adjustable in the range of 6-16, the Duke PT will meet the needs of every freerider, no matter how demanding, in terms of reliable release function.

Details Marker Duke PT

Brake Width
:                                               DIN-Range:

 100 mm - 125 mm                                            4-12/6-16


Stand height:                                              TÜV-Tested



Uphill weight:                                             Downhill weight:

 850g / 1050g                                                    1150g / 1350g


Sole ID                                                        Gliding AFD


Anti-Ice-Rail                                               Auto Quad Lock