Northern Playground

Back in the days, the Northern Playground guys had no clue that people all around the world would fall in love with their idea. It should be a rather short way from the raw idea to the first prototype. The Story of Northern Playground.
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Two friends drenched in sweat and a YouTube tutorial for sewing: this rather odd combination proved to be the birth of the idea of creating underwear featuring a zipper. If you are active all year long in Norwegian nature and in any weather, there are way too many perfect moments that are ruined due to average clothing. Cold and wet, this is not the way they wanted to experience the most Northern, most beautiful playground in the world. So, the guys began to sew zip-longs for themselves, which resulted in the perfect way to change clothes. At the same time, it was the birth of Northern Playground.

A common way of thinking is: if you just put on sufficient clothing, you´ll stay warm. However, this is only half of the truth. Because if you are sweating, the horse is already out of the barn. Then, no matter how many layers you wear, it is difficult to get warm again. This is why staying dry is crucial in order to stay warm.


This is exactly what zip-wear is all about. And we´ll show you how to do it right here: remove the zippers, before you start to sweat and put them back on once you start to feel cold. Or simply take two zip-longs. Either way, you´ll stay warm and dry thanks to your zip-wear.

Northern Playground was established in 2014 thanks to the financial support of people who believed in the guys. They taught themselves the craft of sewing and manufactured all products, which they needed for playing, with a great level of enthusiasm. After everybody had their zip-longs, in 2016, the idea to create zip-bras emerged. After all, the girls were not supposed to freeze with wet bras. They were awarded with the German design award during the ISPO and The Best Winter Gear for 2017. This is how it started, and that´s how they are still working today.


There are two key factors for Northern Playground in order to fully enjoy nature. First, to produce clothing with fantastic functionality, and, second, to do everything possible to care about nature and the people in it. Nothing will happen if we just sit around and wait for anybody else to come around. Zip-wear enables you to decide, just how many layers of clothing you want to wear – within a matter of seconds. You´ll never have to endure sweaty and cold outdoor days again! All products, no matter if zip-longs, zip-body, zip-neck, and zip-bra, are made of merino wool and the zippers were processed in such a way that they will not disturb you.