Originated on Maui, "DaKine" means "the best" in Hawaiian slang. The action sports brand attaches great importance to sustainability and develops products free of environmentally harmful PFC.
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More about Dakine

Why is Dakine a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

Founded out of respect for the waves of Maui and the locals, Dakine focuses more than ever on a respectful treatment of people and nature. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Dakine is characterised above all by the following points:

- The company is committed to responsibility throughout the supply chain

- Dakine is committed to fair working conditions

- The company pays attention to the resource-saving use of sustainable raw materials and packaging materials

Respect and passion

"Respect the land, the sea and the locals: Dakine’s sustainability efforts are based on respect and appreciation for the land, sea and human relationships. Thus, the action sports brand believes that a positive impact on the world can be achieved by reducing the impact of its products, improving internal processes and helping to build a like-minded community through shared passion. The biggest impact: "Even the best product has an impact on the environment. So we’re always working to reduce that impact while still providing durability and functionality." Long product durability is a top priority, followed by innovative materials. For years, a dedicated PET line made from 100% recycled plastic bottles has been an integral part of the collections. To ensure environmentally friendly production, the company is a bluesign® partner and relies on PFC-free impregnations. Translated from Hawaiian slang, "DaKine" has an extended meaning of "the best".