Black Yak

Black Yak is a young mountaineering brand from South Korea, whose technical innovations and new developments bring a modern, new wind into our range. 

More Black Yak Facts

South Korea, 1973, a young professional mountaineer called Tae Sun Kang follows his mountaineering passion. But then, he noticed that there was a lack of professional mountain equipment which has to meet the claim of technical perfection. So, he wanted to launch new products which fit the best for extreme high-alpine mountain conditions during hiking, trekking and climbing...That’s how the story of BlackYak began.

The best partner of a mountaineer: The Yak

Also the brand’s name has its own history: Once Kang was on one of his mountain hiking tours, when he got caught by a sudden storm. He got into a very precarious emergency case, which he wouldn’t be saved without foreign help. A Yak, a widely spread cattle race in Central Asia, came out of nowhere and guided the mountaineer out of the dangerous storm. That’s why Tae Sun Kang named his new brand according to the helpful animal. Since then, BlackYak symbolizes the trustful relationship of mountaineer and animal - the Nature and Mountains.

BlackYak and its road to success

Then and now is BlackYak an embodiment for all professional mountaineer when it’s all about technical equipment for extreme Himalaya Expeditions as well as for any outdoor activities: ski touring apparel, ski apparel and outdoor apparel. BlackYak is part of the leading outdoor outfitters within Asia. Thanks to its expedition-proofed, high quality products and its brand new technologies with an individual design the brand celebrates its entrance within the European and North American market.

BlackYak recently launched its latest collection which was specially designed in Munich, Germany by an international team of great and creative heads. BlackYak’s success continuously goes on: What’s better than proving its success by one of the world’s best known Sports Experts at ISOP? In 2016 and 2017 the jury quoted the brand’s products with overall 16 awards – 10 of them were even given the ISPO Gold Winner Award! So far, this is an all-time record within the history of ISPO awards which makes the brand to the most successful brand.

BlackYak supports people and nature in Tibet

BlackYak engages in socially responsible projects. On the one hand, the brand is a proud member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association which worldwide cares about nature and its conservation. Also this foundation supported the earthquake victims in Tibet with a donation of 1 Million Dollars. It’s a future wish of BlackYak to found an organization which also cares about those victims in long-term.  

The brand works together with leading product developers, designers, and athletes from Europe to build up a unique collection. That’s why BlackYak can celebrate its great start into the outdoor sports industry. We added this brand to our range, because of its superior high quality products and its unique design. BlackYak symbolizes young, high quality brand in our shop – see it on your own eyes!