The American brand offering revolutionary lighting, cooking and charging solutions inspires outdoor enthusiasts while also making clean energy technologies available for settings where a power supply is lacking.

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More about Biolite

Why is Biolite a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

The smart lanterns, stoves and powerbanks by Biolite offer real benefits for people and nature and provide environmentally friendly energy. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, Biolite stands out in the following ways:

- The company is committed to accountability throughout the supply chain

- It prides itself on ecologically friendly, resource-saving production

- The company has been fully offsetting emissions since 2015 and is climate neutral

Camping innovations with an impact

Not only has Biolite set itself the goal of revolutionizing outdoor life with its smart and innovative lighting, cooking and charging solutions. The innovative company based in New York has gone a step further and also provides clean energy technologies, particularly to people living in crisis-stricken countries and developing countries. Biolite first became known through its HomeStove, a wood burning stove that converts heat into usable electricity.

What may sound inefficient initially, turns out to be a technology that is sophisticated and, above all, environmentally friendly: The electricity from thermal energy is used to power a fan that decreases the use of raw materials and reduces exhaust gas emissions. Biolite is also strongly committed to improving the living conditions of people in developing countries by providing them with a secure energy supply. In 2015, Biolite also set out to minimise resource and energy consumption. Since the company offsets greenhouse gases, it is also climate neutral.