ATK is everybody´s brand, no matter if you are a pro or young freerider. The important thing is that you love skiing. You are also searching the perfect binding for your ski? Well, in that case, ATK is the right brand for you. 


More about ATK

ATK is all about perfection, power and precision

ATK was founded in 2007 by the Indulti family in Modena, Italy. Until today, the company relies on the founders´ expertise. After all, before the family embarked on a new journey with ATK, the Indultis had already owned the Officina Gimec Group, which specialized in extremely precise mechanical products. ATK´s success, thus, is no chance at all. Only 2 years after the company had been founded, Dennis Brunod and Manfred Reichegger became Ski Mountaineering World Champions, using, of course, ATK´s equipment.

ATK´s success formula basically consists of continuous research, investigations, and innovations. The corporation is always on the jump, pursues perfection and new patents. In order to please their customers, ATK continues to focus on the latest technologies. The emphasis lies especially on lightweight gear, so you don´t have to carry any unnecessary weight around and can entirely concentrate on your ascent. This is exactly what ATK is all about: the company wants to boost your aims and help you to reach the mountaintop. ATK subdivided its bindings into four important sectors: race, speed touring, touring, and free touring. After all, every single one of these sectors demands unique functions.

In all the aforementioned sectors, progress truly is ATK´s focal point. The company invests more than 80 % of its net income in research, development, patents, and innovative technologies in order to continuously enhance and embellish its ski touring bindings. ATK matches high quality standards, uses top-notch materials, and, thus, creates perfect performance under your foot. In the last couple of years, ATK accomplished more than 30 patents, the majority of which you can find in the latest collection. In the end, it is all about future developments to support technological evolutions.


ATK: from Italy onto the world market

ATK´s entire production is done in Modena. From there, the company continues to develop ski touring bindings and their accessories. In the end, from the initial idea all the way to the production and the actual product, every single creation is 100 % made in Italy with this family business. Yet, the brand doesn´t only evolve, but it also continues to expand. In the meantime, ATK cooperates with distributional partners all over the world. Not only that – ATK also has many international employees from such countries like Italy, Sweden, Poland, France, and Germany.

Among those are many renowned ambassadors like Tommaso Cardelli, Mathieu Maynadier, or Ulli Steiner, only to name a few.

Solar electricity and innovative ideas help to save power

ATK attempts to combine innovations with environmental friendliness in their process of production. ATK truly is a trailblazer in terms of green energy. The entire energy, which is needed for production, is covered by a huge solar facility which is located on the production compound. Additionally, in 2016, the company invested in a unique system which cleans the hot exhaust air, that results from the production, and dispenses it within the buildings – this basically makes additional heating moot. Sustainability and longevity of the products are also important to ATK.

This is why the company also offers help on their website concerning repairs. This service is not only helpful for customers, but also for the environment.

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