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AKU is a traditional Italian footwear manufacturer that places great emphasis on technical quality, function and reliability. Raw materials selected according to the highest quality standards and with special attention to environmental impact, are the basis of AKU's design and product approach. Each model is a product of absolute perfection, predestined to become the irreplaceable companion for your adventures.

About AKU

Why is AKU a WIR DENKEN UM brand?

AKU has over 40 years of experience in footwear manufacturing. Galliano Bordino, the son of shoemakers, is the founder of the company. He grew up in the small Venetian town of Montebelluna, where sewing uppers, cutting skins and fixing soles were the order of the day. In the small village, people knew how to help themselves. This gave rise to a number of craftsmen and small companies, which today are internationally renowned brands.

AKU is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products and promoting the responsible use and reuse of resources. They aim to focus on the principles of the circular economy (buy -> use -> maintain -> reuse) without compromising on technical features and comfort for the customer.

The basis of AKU's design and production approach is the selection of raw materials according to the highest quality standards and attention to environmental sustainability. Every single AKU product is a high quality, ethically correct product designed to be a loyal companion for a long time.

Water based adhesives

Mountain boots are usually made up of different components that are either sewn or glued together. Usually acrylic-based adhesives are used, but AKU has chosen to use water-based adhesives. This limits the environmental impact at the time of disposal.

Zero Impact Leather

AKU uses Zero Impact leather from Dani Sustainable Leather for some of its footwear. Dani Sustainable Leather was the first company to use an innovative process to break down chromium and heavy metals during the tanning process, reducing C02 emissions by 5%.

AKU continues to break new ground in its quest to develop design and production solutions with reduced environmental impact.

The CO2 footprint

In 2018, AKU is the first and only footwear company in the world to certify the environmental impact of a shoe using the calculation method developed by the Swedish research institute Environdec.

All phases of the product lifecycle are analysed, from the sourcing of raw materials, semi-finished products, transport and assembly to packaging and final disposal. The information gained from this enables AKU to identify, review and, if necessary, revise the areas with the greatest impact.

Logistics and production

Cardboard instead of plastic! Since 2016, AKU has changed its packaging system, using only cardboard and paper tape in the packaging process. This makes disposal and recycling easier.

At the Italian headquarters in Montebelluna, the thermal insulation system was completely overhauled between 2015 and 2017 to optimise energy consumption. A lighting efficiency programme is also underway, with the installation of an energy-absorbing LED system.

"We feel part of a single ecosystem, both socially and environmentally, and we feel responsible for its balance. This short sentence sums up AKU's commitment both as an industrial company and as a social entity.