Ski touring is a unique nature experience for many. Get out out of the stress of everyday life, into the mountains and be in harmony with nature, is becoming is becoming more and more popular. So that we can still enjoy our wonderful nature, it is important to behave properly in nature. Who sustainable ski touring and get to know nature, is exactly right at the ALPIN Sustainability Days. These will take place for the first time from 10. to 12. March 2023 in Bad Hindelang.

The community of Bad Hindelang has been sustainable tourism for many years and lives the balance between tourism and and nature conservation. The max. 150 participants can look forward to a wide variety of ski tours in the high alpine winter landscape of the Allgäu Alps in the triangle between the peaks Hochvogel, Nebelhorn and Iseler. The day tours have between 500 and 1300 vertical meters and offer something for all skill levels.

What can you expect?

In addition to the guided ski tours, the weekend also includes various workshops that address travel, accommodation, environmentally conscious ski touring and equipment on tour. Also waiting for you are two exciting evening events and regional specialties that round off the weekend.

Watch out: There is also at the ALPIN Sustainability Days extensive free test material to choose from! This comes from our "We rethink" initiative, which only recognizes brands and products that are innovative, environmentally friendly and fairly produced.

You can test the latest ski equipment (skis, boots, poles and skins), clothing skins), clothing, avalanche transceivers and backpacks from the 22/23 season from the renowned manufacturers Salomon, Dynafit, Ortovox, Blizzard-Tecnica, Faction, Black Crows, Vaude, Maloja, Deuter, Black Diamond and ATK. After the registration you have you have the possibility to order the material online and have it sent to you climate neutral. sent to you climate neutral. After the event you only have to pay for the material to keep it. to keep.

All Key Facts at a glance

• Date: March 10 - 12, 2023

• Location: Bad Hindelang

• Seats: Max. 150 participants:inside

• Requirements: Good physical condition, fitness for 600 Hm or 5 hrs walking time. Good skiers on and off the slopes. Minimum age 18 years

• Price: 159.00 € per person

• Registration: Detailed info and registration from 11.11.2022 online via the ALPIN Events page.

All services:

Included services

• A guided ski tour with a focus on sustainable ski touring

• Transfer (public transport) to the starting point of the ski tours

• Sustainable test and rental material through Sport Conrad (shipping by Sport Conrad,  purchase option after the event).

• Numerous workshops on various sustainability topics

• Evening event with Michael Vitzthum on the topic 'Ski touring by public transport'.

• Panel discussion with high-ranking representatives from industry, politics, environmental protection and tourism

Own services

Public transport arrival and departure to Bad Hindelang, accommodation and meals, lift costs (depending on the tour)

Travel sustainably

You care about the environment and would like to travel to the ALPIN Sustainability Days by public transport? Then watch out! As a thank you you will receive a goodie box worth 80.00 €, on presentation of your ticket (journey > 30 km).

Awaiting you is a high-quality, sustainable stainless steel lunch box filled with local Bad Hindelang products, an Opinel folding knife with high-quality wooden handle, as well as an ALPIN Digital subscription with a term of 12 months.

Top Brands

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Sustainability aspects of the manufacturers


- Responsible acting responsibly along the entire supply chain
- Bluesign System Partner (standard for environmental protection, occupational safety and
consumer protection)

- Promotes fair working conditions and is a member of the Fair Labor Association, the
Sustainable Apparel Coalition and signatory of the United Nations Fashion
Industry Charter for Climate Action

- MTN product line made from up to 40% biologically recycled materials


- Products made from sustainable wool and other innovative materials
- Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP): own wool standard for highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable business practices
- Ortovox Swisswool collection made from wool fibers from mountain sheep from the Swiss Alps
- Member Fair Wear Foundation


- Responsible action along the entire supply chain, fair working conditions (Leader Status Fair Wear Foundation).
- Environmentally friendly, resource-saving production
- 100% climate-neutral company
- Guiding principle "Repair instead of throwing away
- Initiative FairWertung: Opportunity for customers to dispose of old or broken articles, which are then recycled in some way. recycled in some way.


- Responsible action along the entire supply chain.
- Fair production conditions and bearer of the leader status of the Fair Wear Foundation
- Cooperation in the field of textile collections with bluesign® and the Fair Wear Foundation for compliance with environmental and social standards
- Lifetime Guarantee: since 2019, a lifetime guarantee applies to bindings with regard to material and workmanship defects, and since winter 2021 also to ski boots
- Production of bindings in Germany, ski boots in Italy


- Recycle your Boots" initiative: possibility of returning used ski boots, which are recycled into secondary raw materials
- Consequence: avoidance of waste, saving of resources and reduction of CO2 emissions.


- Entire production process - from concept to finished product - at our own site in Italy.
- Responsibility throughout the supply chain
- Fair working conditions
- Environmentally friendly, resource-saving production and recycling of material waste


360° Corporate Responsibility:
- Recycled and sustainable materials and resource-conserving use of sustainable raw materials.
- Manufacture of products with long-term production partners
- Fair production conditions and member of the Fair Wear Foundation for 10 years
- Worldwide, lifetime repair service - deuter Promise
- Optimization of manufacturing processes with bluesign® system


- Responsibility throughout the supply chain
- Use of renewable and recycled raw materials
- Supports POW and is a member of 1% for the Planet


- Responsibility throughout the supply chain
- Responsible purchasing practices
- Environmentally friendly, resource-saving production
- Own production facility and predominant production in the EU (70%) with short transport distances
- Fair working conditions ensured by amfori BSCI, a global pioneering organization for socially responsible production
- Certifications such as Bluesign to guarantee a careful use of resources

Black Diamond

- Responsibility throughout the supply chain
- Environmentally friendly, resource-conserving production
- Commitment to improved working conditions at production sites