Sport Conrad & Schöffel: two family owned businesses with a vision

Sport Conrad and Schöffel are united by a long term partnership as well as shared values.


two bavarian companies with heritage and vision

Sport Conrad and Schöffel are both successfully family managed and family owned businesses rooting in Bavaria. Through the time, both companies let go of their old visions and followed new paths full of innovation and progress.

One of the companies, famous for its functional outdoor apparel, originally started as a stocking manufacturer. The other one used to be a small workshop for heavy duty boots supplying the local miners – but 120 years later grew into one of the biggest winter sport and outdoor retailers in Europe.

In the following five weeks we will release 5 videos, where each video reveals more of what brings the both companies together and what they are made of.  You can explore our history, the role of tradition and family, pioneership or one or other flops which we have been through over the decades.


Part 1: the beginning of the wonderful pratnership between Sport Conrad & Schöffel

In the first first part of out five-part short video series you can experience the beginning of the cooperation of the two companies which have started in the early 1970’s.

All following videos are narrated in German 




In the second part you can learn more about how the both companies dealt with the change. Even though innovations can be sometimes hard to recognize and accept the important thing is to focus on the bigger picture and the shared motivation – the mountains.

All following videos are narrated in German 



PART 3: GORE-TEX® – the story behind the success

The third part of our mini-series unfolds the story behind the success of the well known material used for manufacturing of highly functional outdoor apparel.  Huber Schöffel shares his story about the tough beginnings of GORE-TEX® and how close success and failure can be.

All following videos are narrated in German 



PART 4: THE ROAD TO SUCCESS – the story about innovation meeting tradition

Every business needs to overcome some hurdles on the way to success and mistakes are often made too. But the way they decide to take on the mistakes and hurdles is what makes the company’s story vision stronger. Out fourth part of the mini video series will take you through the stories of the companies biggest flops.

All following videos are narrated in German 



PART 5: FAMILY BUSINESS – leading generations

Family always comes first, if there was no family, there would be no business – that counts for Sport Conrad as much as for Schöffel. In the last part of our mini video series the senior chiefs will tell you more about the importance of family in their business.

All following videos are narrated in German 



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