Limitless Freeride Fun in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn

You are dreaming of snow-covered slopes and nipple deep powder? Time to grab your powder skis or your snowboard and head towards Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn in the beautiful Salzburg and Tyrol! It is one of the largest ski resorts in Austria and offers countless powder runs – not without a reason it is called “freeride hotspot of the Alps”. Especially the freeride hot-spot Fieberbrunn is known worldwide – the area provides ideal conditions for deep snow and is, therefore, one of the snowiest spots in the Alpine country.

To fully exploit these perfect conditions, the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn has developed a unique concept for freeriders: Freeride routes with different levels of difficulty, freeride parks, checkpoints, camps, top events and much more. The Skicircus thrills the freeride elite as well as beginners – everyone is welcome in the “Home of Lässig”.


A must-go for all Powderhounds

Easy up – Wild Down” that’s the slogan of the Austrian powder paradise. No long, exhausting ascents, but lift-supported freeriding for even more powder fun. 70 lifts open up countless freeride opportunities in no time. The ski tour lovers among you can, of course, combine lifts and longer climbs to get up higher in a shorter time. There are signposted freeride routes throughout the ski area, made to find all the fascinating deep snow slopes even better. These include off-piste runs, but also some runs that are not prepared immediately after a fresh snowfall.

Another special feature of the Skicircus are the natural freeride parks. These two parks at the Lärchfilzkogel and the Asitzmuldenbahn are located in natural, unprepared terrain. There are various obstacles and kickers waiting for you which make for a lot of fun in the deep snow. Of course, these areas are secured – safety has top priority in the freeride Mecca Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn.

The ski resort does not only provide avalanche transceiver search fields where you can train the correct use of your avalanche transceiver but also avalanche beacon checkpoints. These are installed at selected mountains and valley stations and can be accessed by anyone. Here you can check the transmission function of your device and find topographic overview maps and information of the avalanche warning system LO.LA*. LO.LA* is a unique avalanche warning report tailored directly to the Skicircus. This means that you get refined and detailed alerts for the territory. You can also easily access these warning reports via the Skicircus App or the website itself. Of course, the best way to stay safe is to ride off-piste with local guides – such as the LO.LA* expert and Local Hero of the Skicircus Markus Kogler.




The best freeride spots at a glance

The question is where to find the best freeride spots in this vast area? There are countless freeride possibilities in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn, which makes this question quite hard to answer. This area offers anything your heart could ever ask for – from playful tree-runs to steep and exposed faces with cliffs. We have put together our favorite selection of the best freeride routes just for you – get inspired:


The “Marxen” at Schattberg – no climb, but a lot of powder

From Hinterglemm, you can take the ski lift directly up to the west summit of Schattberg. The ultimate powder run with a vertical drop of 1000m  starts just below the summit – you definitely should not miss it during your trip to the Skicircus. You will end up in the village of Jausern, from where you can take the ski bus back to Saalbach or Hinterglemm.

Good to know: When taking this route, you should pay extra attention to avalanche warnings. The entry is quite steep which favors wind-drifted snow. 


The “Amsel” at Bernkogel East – a steep powder fun to “Spielberghaus”

You can easily get up to the Bernkogel by taking the chairlift. Up there you only need to cross a few hundred meters to the northeast – there is no significant altitude difference. Once you have reached the starting point you should be ready to drop into a steep face with an altitude of 700 meters. The run ends right at the Spielberghaus, where you can enjoy delicious Austrian dishes before heading down to the valley station in Saalbach.

Good to know: Although the “Amsel” route doesn’t have as many vertical meters as the “Marxen” route, you need well-advanced freeride skills – it is definitely not recommendable for beginners. Since the “Amsel” is steep and exposed, you should pay an extra attention to the snow and avalanche conditions.


The Spieleckkogel on the Hochalm – with little effort to a breathtaking panorama and a great descent

If the powder is mostly gone and you long for some more individuality and peace, this short free touring option is the right thing for you. Just put the skins on you are good to go. Arriving at the upper station of the Spieleck chairlift, you are separated by only 50 more vertical meters from the summit of the Spieleckkogel. Starting there, you have an incredible panoramic view and a sensational downhill to the valley to Lengau – about 800 meters of vertical drop. Once you are back at the bottom of the run, the ski bus takes you back to the Hochalm valley station.

Good to know: Since this route is directed to the west, it gets impacted by the afternoon sun – so you should wake up your inner early bird and go for it while it’s still in the shade before noon.


The Stemmerkogel West at Schattberg – a short climb and the chance of drawing the first lines in fresh powder

When leaving the cable car at the western summit of Schattberg, you can already see the Stemmerkogel. The 70 m high ascent is quickly mastered and opens up plenty of different freeride possibilities. For the ascent and some amazing downhills, you don’t really need skins – after the run, as you will directly end up at the valley station. If you are keen to draw the first lines, however, we recommend to pack your skins, descend south of the summit and then ascend again to the ski area.

Good to know: If you want to enter the slopes directly from the summit, check the avalanche report beforehand.


Fieberbrunn – the Austrian freeride hot-spot

Instead of gold, you’ll find endless deep snow – and it’s very hard to name just one single route since this unique area is full of countless playful freeride runs. 

For freeride pros, the steep runs at the Wildseeloder and the Marokker, but also the northern slopes of the Hasenauer Kamm are perfect adrenaline producers. The international freeriding elite has particularly discovered the exposed slopes of the 2,119 m high Wildseeloder for itself. The so-called Wildseeloder North Face offers a breathtaking experience through a vertical drop of 610 m, a steepness of 70 degrees and narrow chutes.

As you might have already guessed, these runs are not recommended for the regular vacation-freeriders. Luckily, the peaks and slopes around Fieberbrunn have much more to offer. On the deep snow slopes of the Hochhörndlspitze and the tree-runs around the Lärchfilzkogel, you will also find plenty amazing freeride routes with lots of powder.

Good to know: If you are keen on finding the best runs in this powder paradise, you can book freeride guiding in Fieberbrunn. Together with back-country experts, you can follow the tracks of international freeride pros. 



WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS ARE taking FREERIDING in Saalbach hinterglemm leogang fieberbrunn TO THE NEXT LEVEL

The huge ski area in the beautiful Salzburg and Tyrolean countryside also offers a lot of great events for freeriders. Every year, there are various camps and workshops for all ages and skill levels taking place. Together with freeride schools and local guides you are offered the best preparation for off-piste riding. In the snow & alpine awareness camps (SAAC) you learn how to “read” the terrain and spot potential dangers early on. In addition, you can learn important skills in the so-called Risk ‘n’ Fun Camps of the Skicircus, such as developing your own freeride strategy and picking the best lines, but also the correct reading of maps and better be orienting outdoors. These kinds of courses significantly reduce your risk when riding off-piste and make you enjoy the freedom of powdering in deep snow even more.

Since many years Fieberbrunn is one of the official stops of the Freeride World Tour. And also in March 2018, the FWT is coming back to Austria, making the freeride hot-spot Fieberbrunn turn into the center of the worldwide freeride scene. It is the only stop of the undisputed master class in freeriding in the German-speaking world – you definitely shouldn’t miss that! The contest takes place at the summit of the Wildseeloder. The contest run includes a steep climb onto a 2,118m summit followed by a drop-in into a face with a slope as steep as 70 degrees on some spots.

Saalbach-Hinterglemm is hosting this year’s first stop of the popular THULE Freeride Testival – the biggest freeride testival in Europe in January. 30 exhibitors, free test material and lots of courses and workshops are waiting for you. The test area will spread across the valley station of the “12 Express” lift, which is considered the ideal starting point for amazing powder slopes on the Schattberg and in Fieberbrunn. For more info about this event, have a look at our blog post “THULE Freeride Testival powered by BMW xDrive“.


Off the slopes the freeride hotspot in Austria has a lot to offer as well

Not only the freeride concept of the ski resort Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn is special, you will also find exceptional hotels, restaurants, and clubs in this region.


The Grosslehen –  from a simple farm to a star hotel

The hotel Grosslehen is located in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps, fantastically situated on a sunny plateau above the picturesque village of Fieberbrunn in Tyrol and has been family-owned for several generations. It started as a small farm over 300 years ago and continued to develop over the years – first the restaurant, then the guest rooms and this year the cozy chalets. Overall this time the Geisl family never lost their talent to perfectly combine tradition with innovation.

At the hotel Grosslehen, a modern mix of natural materials awaits you, complementing the traditional architectural lines. A cozy bar with lounge area invites you to relax and in the restaurant area, you will find all sorts of culinary delights, prepared with great attention to detail, using only fresh & local ingredients as well as products from the hotel’s own farm.  Worth mentioning is also the spa area, with a bio sauna, a steam bath, and a Finnish sauna, providing your muscles with the needed relaxation after an exhausting day in the backcountry.


Since this winter season, you can also stay at the brand new chalets of the Grosslehen. The six little wooden cottages are located directly on the edge of the hotel’s own natural swimming pond and offer a wonderful view of the Kitzbühel Alps. Each chalet is well equipped, including a private panoramic terrace and a sauna. We would call this pure relaxation!





Der Jennerwein – the best steaks in Hinterglemm

Der Jennerwein is a lifestyle restaurant and bar in the heart of Hinterglemm. It is named after the legendary hunter Jennerwein who poached in the border area between Bavaria and Tyrol and was shot in 1877. His myth awakens to a new life in the modern ambiance of wood, glass, stone, and leather. In this cozy and at the same time stylish restaurant you get the best steaks in town, a good glass of red wine and delicious cocktails.


The Castello in Saalbach – the place to be

The Castello in the basement of the hotel Saalbacher Hof is probably the most legendary club in Saalbach. Apres ski is newly interpreted here: the owners love rock and guitar music – so no worries, you won’t have to listen to any German or Austrian Schlagerhits. In the Bäckstätt Stall, where the apres ski by Castello takes place, Scandinavian rock bands alternate with house DJs and acoustic sessions. If you are tired of typical apres ski parties, this is just the right place for you.




You now have the chance to win a freeride adventure in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn for two.

Enjoy 3 days – 2 nights – in one of Austria’s largest ski resort. Only you, your partner in love or crime, a local ski pro, a member of Sport Conrad & last but not least your personal guide, a local hero of the Skicircus, Markus Kogler. Together you will discover the resort like a local including the best pubs, events and of course the most breathtaking freeride slopes.

You will stay at the fabulous Grosslehen **** Hotel & Chalets, situated on a sunny plateau above the famous freeride spot Fieberbrunn. Make long story short: The ideal starting point for freeriding and the perfect place to relax after a day full of powder.

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Date of the trip will be February 9-11, 2018.