Services: Foot Scanner – 3D Measuring and Foot Analysis

Our feet – simply a masterpiece of human evolution. It contains more sensory cells than our face. And most importantly: It keeps us walking straight, supports our entire body and enables us to move.

We often underestimate how much strain our feet face each day. As outdoor enthusiasts, we put them into narrow climbing shoes, sturdy mountaineering boots or heavy ski boots. After all this stressful treatment one thing is sure: Our feet deserve perfectly fitting shoes! No painful preassure marks, no sore skin. A smart technology called “lightbeam” helps you finding the perfecty fitting shoe – no matter if ski boots, running– or casual shoes. Read more about:





What exactly is the “LIGHTBEAM“?

This advanced technology is called “lightbeam“ by amisura. A high-tech scanner which measures your foot surface in 3D quality and transforms the results into digital data which are than used in a software. The lightbeam 3D scanner has already measured more than 250.000 feet and made numerous people happy with perfectly fitting shoes.

Since October 2015 we use the Foot Scanner in our Sport Conrad stores, and have offered hundreds of customers an exceptional consulting services. We offer this service of the 3D foot scan in our stores in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and in Penzberg, where you can find the Foot Scanner in the ski boot area (in winter) or in the running area (in summer). You are always free to use this service without any appointment and for freem, whenever you are to visiting us. In five to ten minutes we’ll digitize your feet and find the right pair of shoes just for you.


HOW DOES The 3d scanner WORK?

Customer’s Data


First of all, we collect your data. But don’t worry – your data is safe with us! We won’t use it for any commercial issues, but we need it to be able to precisely analyze your foot structure. Information such as your name, gender, weight, size and e-mail address are saved in the Footscanner’s system. What has your e-mail to do with your feet you ask? We simply need it, so we can send you your measurement results in digital form. And we can retrieve your personal information once your come back next time looking for a new pair of shoes.


Foot Scanner_Analyse

3D Foot Scan


The footprint of the amisura lightbeam scanner has an integrated manometer (a device which meassures your weight balance). It also measures your exact foot as well as the contact plate of your feet. While standing on the footprint, there’s camera turning around you, scanning a 3D model of your legs and feet, transfering those data to the system. Afterwards you can see a complete 3D picture of your feet on the computer screen attached to the Foot Scanner. The measurement results show your exact foot size, foot length and width, the height of your instep as well as your ball and calf dimension. And it identifies a potential malposition.

Shoe Recommendation


With the help of the analysed data (form, structure and pressure areas of your foot) the software filters all available shoes which could come in consideration. Depending on whether you like ski boots, running shoes, trail running shoes, training- and indoor shoes or outdoor boots, you’ll be shown all possible shoe models, which would fit to your feet shape. The system can also filter your choice of shoes according to your performance level. For example, you can choose if you want beginner boots or advanced ski boots appearing in your individual result-list. Besides the system also analyses the inner boot and the shell of each ski boot and calculates the optimum fitting norm for your individual foot. This automatic shoes result-list makes the process of boot/shoe fitting easier and faster.

Virtual Fitting


Foot Scanner_Anprobe


If there is one pair of shoes which suits you, you can easily try those on – but virtually. That’s what you see in the upper graphic using the example of a ski boot.  The grey colored contours show a 3D model of the selected boot. Using a colored scale you see exactly which areas fit the best and which don’t fit at all. The blue parts mark areas where the boot is too narrow. The red ones show where there is too much space between the foot and the shell. The green areas implies a perfect fit of the shoe.

The Foot Scanner has lot’s of advantages: The 3D scanning process saves you inconvenient fitting time, calculates your data more precisely than a shop assistant would be able to.  Unfortunately the lightbeam 3D scanner can’t be used for children’s feet. Nevertheless the Foot Scanner is a smart, hygienic and fast possibility to finding your perfect fitting shoe. And always keep in mind that a well fitting shoe offers high wearing comfort and therefore more fun during each activity! When purchasing ski boots, we also advise you to make use of our boot fitting service. In this process, the boot is adjusted to your individual foot to prevent pressure points and to ensure the best fit of your boot. Come to one of our stores in Penzberg or Garmisch-Partenkirchen and get to know the Foot Scanner by yourself. Our shop assistants are looking forward to meeting you.


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